Valley Raceway

The Valley's only Dirt Track


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May 20

June 3

June 17

July 1

July 15

July 29

Aug. 12

Aug. 26

Sept. 9

Sept. 23

Oct. 7

Rain dates to be announced.

Season passes include regularly scheduled races only.

Rule posting for 2017

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 Effective immediately,after each feature race the top 4 finnishing cars/trucks must proceed directly to the infield when the race is finnished. The driver must present his/her vehicle for tech. inspection, failure to do so will result in a loss of points for the day.


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1st - 528pts #21 Rick Balsor

2nd -454pts #18 Greg Banks

3rd - 453pts #9 Dave Winger

4th - 353pts #73 John Poan

5th - 352pts #7 Dave Mansfield

6th - 348pts #60 Kirk Dodge

7th - 233pts # 88 Mike Hutt

8th - 218pts #29 Mark Gates

9th -213pts #49 Dale Walker

10th - 99pts #11 Ed Pineo

11th - 78pts #87 Carl Marshall

12th - 71pts #83 Carl Marshall

13th - 58pts #17 Scott Bishop

14th - 42pts #4 Roddy Weir

15th - 32pts #38 Anthony Acker

8 CYL;

1st - 519pts #16 Devin Weihers

2nd - 518pts #58 Josh Rainfourth

3rd - 364 pts #11 Doug Armstrong

4th -315pts # 17 Scott Bishop

5th - 291pts #25 Evan Weaver

6th - 223pts #87 Carl Marshall

7th - 118pts # 73 John Poan

8th - 30pts # 71 Barry Hutt


1st - 505pts #12 Justin Balsor

2nd - 463pts #69 Shawn Sanford

3rd -448pts #2 Roddy Weir

4th - 332pts # 55 Logan Parker

5th - 278pts #3 Chris Marshall

6th - 220pts # 51 Jesse Deveau

7th - 213pts #5 Guy Meisner

8th - 172pts #24 Kevin Feener

9th -128pts #01 Steve Hutt

10th 91pts #18 Jeff Cruickshank

11th - 76pts #8 Rick Bourguyne


1st - 431pts #13 Shawn Ryerson

2nd - 403pts #84 Lyle Patterson

3rd - 395pts #7 B.J, McNeil

4th - 383pts #63 Chris Kenneally


1st - 475pts #81 Matt Bourguyne

2nd - 450 #33 Ryan Franney

3rd - 421pts #14 Kyle Bent

4th - 407pts # 13 Travis Atwater

5th - 381pts # 5 Tabitha Little

6th - 351pts # 18 Glenn Penny

7th - 260pts # 77 Mike Young

8th - 216pts # 82 Chris Aldred

9th - 197pts #38 Pat Bourassa

10th - 191pts # 8 Jeff Dre

11th - 182pts # 26 Jason Conners

12th - 165pts # 46 Gerry Palmer

13th - 163pts # 17 Brad Palmer

14th -129pts # 12 Wesley Sproule

15th - 126pts # 51 Jesse Deveau

16th - 38pts # 2 Justin Balsor

Dirt Monkey 100 Rules

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Valley Raceway

Dirt Monkey 100 Weekend

June 10th Saturday: sand drags and Burn Out

June 11th Sunday: Oval Track derby

$12. Per person,Children 12 and under FREE

Our Season Passes does not cover this function

This is a weekend event with rough camping availiable for $20.00 a night, if you are planning to camp-out please registar in advance.

Derby Safety Rules:

-13 or older to enter pit area

- Helmets must be worn and buckled

-Long sleeve shirts and long pants( No shorts, fire suits strongly recommended)

-Full covered footwear, no sandals

-Window nets mandatory

-Full functioning seat belts and shoulder straps( will be enforced and checked) racing harnesses recommended

-Must have fully functioning working breaks

-No snow tires

-Recommended to have fire extinguisher

-Gas tanks must be in front of rear axle, or in trunk as far ahead as possible, must be no hole in the trunk to interior of vehicle

-All glass except windshield must be removed(tail light headlight, side view mirrors)

-All flammable interior must be removed( exception of dash)

-Driver side air bag must be removed

- Antifreeze must be removed(water only for coolent0

-A one foot square hole in hood for access, in case of fire

-A pipe behind driver's seat( the pipe must be .095 wall thickness, no exhaust pipe) from floor to roof, has to be bolted with 1/2 inch bolts, a minimum 12x 12 by 1/4 inch plate, minimum of 4 bolts to roof and a 6x6 x1/4 inch plate on the floor, with a minimum of 4 bolts, pipe has to be close to rear of driver's seat(hoop recommended)

-All seats must have head rest

-All doors must be chained, or bolted shut or welded a minimum 6 places

-No reinforcing outside cab, must remain OEM

-Drivers door must be plated 6 inches past front and rear post

-Drivers door should stand out,(ie black car=white door, drivers cannot hit drivers door)



-Registration $20 per car per class

-Registration time 10 am -12 noon

race begin at 1pm

-4cyl 2 wheel drive only

-6 cyl class 2 wheel drive only, may include mini vans(no SUV's or trucks)

-Your number must be clearly visible on passenger side door and roof, if score keepers a=cannot read your numbers they will not be scored

-Prefer two digit ,but no more than 3 digit

-Numbers can be preregistered by calling, numbers are on a first come first served bases

-Prize will be give to most decorated vehicle


-Will race in one direction

-Consist of 50 laps or last vehicle running

-There will be obstacles on track

-There will only be a red flag and green flag, if your vehicle breaks down we will stop the race to allow driver to get out, your vehicle will be left on the track, when the race is over you will be permitted to get your vehicle and if you can get it running for the free for all.


First place prizes only:

4 cyl first place $500.

6 cly first place $500.

Free For All first place $200.


Sand Drage

$20 per vehicle

Registration10am -12noon

drivers meeting at 12:30

Classes 4cyl , 6cyl and 8cyl (2 wheel drives only)

No winter tires

Must have seat belt and shoulder strap

Must have fully functioning breaks

Must have helmets

Numbers on windshield and doors ( clearly readable)

How It Will Be Run

It will be 150 foot side by side, double knock out


First place prizes only, for each class, $200.

Burn Out Computation

Registration $20 per vehicle

Registration begins 10am - 12 noon

Drivers meeting at 12:30

Front wheel drive class and rear wheel drive class


First place only: $200. for each class.


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Mandatory equipment for the 2017 race season , all cars are required to have a race reciever, and helmuts must be Snell 2015 or newer, no motorbike helmuts allowed. if you have any questions contact Greg at 765-0974

Modified Drivers and cars

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#9  Dave Winger

#18  Greg Banks

#7  Dave Mansfield

#21  Rick Balsor

#38  Anthony Acker

#29 Mark Gates

#49 Dale Walker

#60 Kirk Dodge

# 4 Roddy Weir

#88 Mike Hutt

#79 Carl Marshall

8 cyl Drivers and cars

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# 58  Josh Rainfourth

# 16  Devon Wirers

#11 Doug Armstrong

#25 Evan Weaver

#87 Carl Marshall

# 73 John Poan

# 18 Scott Bishop

4 cyl Drivers and cars

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# 5  Tabitha Little

#81  Matt Burguyne

#51 Jesse Deveau

#31  Jesse Deveau

#12  Wesley Sproule

#2  Dillan Balsor

# 63  Chris Kenneally

# 8 Deanna Drew

# 39  Glenn Bowlby

#17 Brad Palmer

# 18 Glenn Penny

# 33  Ryan Franney

# 87  Joe Bent

# 82  Chris Aldred

#69  Tanya Andreino

#56 Jamie Dillman

#18 Glenn Penny

# 38 Pat Bourassa

#13 Greg Atwater

# 14 Kyle Bent

# 23 Jason Conner

#27 Brooke MacLennan

truck class, drivers and numbers

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Chris  Marshall # 3

Chris Kenneally / BJ McNeil #7

Rick Bourguyne #8

Lyle Patterson # 84

Guy Meister #5

Justin Balsor  #12

Kevin Feener #24

Roddy Weir #14

Shawn Sanford # 69

Logan Parker # 55

Jesse Deveau # 51

Steve Hutt # 01

Sean Ryerson # 13

Chris Kenneally #63

Brett MacKenzie # 6

August 03/15

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This is a write up that was is The Advertiser yesterday Thank you Laura.

Tucked in behind Melvern Square in Annapolis County, Valley Raceway is a hidden gem worth discovering. Last year was the official grand opening of Valley Raceway but owners Peggy Gould and Greg Banks have been working on it for the past seven years.

“Greg really enjoyed stock car racing on a dirt track, and there wasn’t one around the Valley,” says Gould, “so he took it upon himself to build one.”

What I know about racing came from Lightening McQueen in Cars, so I did some research. Valley Raceway features stock car racing on the Valley’s only dirt track. There are three different stock car races. The classes are four cylinder, eight cylinder and unlimited.

Stock cars race around the dirt track for the afternoon. Each group races 10 laps each. This happens twice. Then, for the final three races, drivers race 12 laps for a cash prize.

These races happen every other Sunday from June until Sept. 20. The races begin at 1 p.m. and finish around 4 p.m. If it rains, Gould says the race is pushed to the following week. To find out for sure, visit the Valley Raceway Facebook page or website for updates.

Tickets to the races are $10 each, with children under 12 admitted free.

From the very beginning, Gould said they wanted to make Valley Raceway a community event and a fun family day. They wanted to create a place where people could bring their children and not worry.

“We felt all families who wanted to come may not have the money, so we try to keep the cost down. This is why children 12 and under are free,” says Gould.

Youth really do enjoy the day. Just ask Jessica, 11, and Leland Smith, nine, of Kentville. They enjoy going to Valley Raceway because it’s fun to watch and something different to do. Besides, Leland loves watching the car crashes!

When you go to Valley Raceway, there are rows of bleachers. There is no shade, so be sure to bring your sunscreen and a hat.

Gould suggests bringing earplugs for a very young or a sensitive child. The racing can get loud, especially during the unlimited races.

There is a canteen on-site selling hotdogs, hamburgers, drinks and snacks, so you will be well refreshed and nourished.

Valley Raceway is a really fun afternoon. There is a great energy and camaraderie amongst the drivers and the crowd. If you don’t understand something, ask a neighbour! A lot of people have season passes, or know the drivers in the race.

Definitely add Valley Raceway to your summer bucket list!

Laura Churchill Duke ( and her family went to Valley Raceway this summer and loved it! It was so much better to see it live than in Cars!


Organizations: Greg Banks

Geographic location: Cars, Annapolis County, Kentville

Valley Family Fun :: Home

This made me realize that there isn't one central place to look for information. Here is a compilation of what I've discovered!

Valley Family Fun :: Home

This made me realize that there isn't one central place to look for information. Here is a compilation of what I've discovered!